Top Pub Trends to Drive Your Business Forward

Top Pub Trends to Drive Your Business Forward

Technological advancements, lifestyle habits, and trendy drinks are all factors that are shaping the pubco industry more than ever before, opening up vast opportunities to tap into new markets and drive more people to your pub. But keeping up with those fast-paced changes whilst simultaneously running and managing your estate isn’t easy. So, we’ve taken a closer look at the top trends we believe can drive your business forward and provided insight into how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you achieve them.

Green is the new black

Sustainability is the issue on everyone’s minds at the moment, and it will be for the considerable future. We’re starting to see businesses take small but mighty steps towards reducing their environmental impact and it’s not just helping the planet - it’s drawing in customers too. That’s right, having plastic straws and cups might mean the difference between a few saved pennies initially but a swift walk out the door for environmentally conscious customers. Small changes like reducing the amount of plastic you use, recycling more and introducing vegan meals are all small steps which can make a huge difference to your customers and indeed the planet.

Tapping into drinking trends

Whether it’s down to changes in taste or just good marketing, certain drinks have boomed in recent years. As the hunt for something unique and different is becoming more appealing to consumers today, drinks brands are branching out into more exciting and innovative refreshments.

The ‘Ginaissance’

If you haven’t seen the craze of new gins entering the spirits market over recent years, then you really need to explore the creative new flavours that are attracting gin-fans and gin-newbies alike. According to The Wine and Spirit Trade Association, in 2018 sales in the UK alone peaked at over £1.6 billion – that’s 60 million bottles. And with so much choice on the supermarket shelves, your customers will expect the same at your pub.  

The new age temperance movement

If you decide to choose a non-alcoholic drink at a pub, you can pretty much guarantee your options are limited to mainstream soft drinks. However, times are changing and as the new wave of Gen Y and Z health-conscious pub-goers are increasingly buying from the low or no-alcohol isle, drinks manufacturers have taken notice. Unique-flavoured spritzers, mocktails and G&T’s without the ‘G’ are all becoming common choices for no or low drinkers, opening up a whole new demographic for your pub.

Powerful technology at the heart of your pub

With so many trends and changes afoot in the industry, determining customer demand vs fast fads can be tricky and often leave you feeling like you’re juggling (and not just behind the bar). Business Central allows you to take back control with a unified business IT solution which reveals deeper insights into the things that matter to your business. With intelligent and essential stock management tools, Business Central enables you to easily test and refine to discover what’s best for your business and your customers. It dynamically keeps track of what stock needs replenishing with forecasting analytics so that you’ll never understock in the face of demand or overprovision for dying trends. But it doesn’t just stop there, manage time-consuming admin tasks like financials and budgets, and keep all of your insights close with a mobile version of Business Central. MADIC dynamics has been working with the sector for many years and have accumulated a wealth of experience helping pub chains and breweries harness the operational and financial benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central. To learn more get in touch to speak with an expert today.

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