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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a software solution designed to simplify and streamline business processes. With finance at the heart, Business Central provides you with visibility and better efficiency across your entire organisation, allowing you to drive profitable growth.

End-to-end Solution

Manage operations across your entire organisation.

Seamless Upgrades

Start with basic functionality and scale over time.

Flexible Integrations

Tailor your solution with Power Apps and Power BI.

The world’s most popular ERP solution

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Comprehensive Business Management


From cashflow and account schedules to insurance coverage and reconciliation, manage your finances from one place.


Manage emails and campaigns from a central hub, allowing you to identify sales opportunities and hot leads.

Supply Chain

Handle everything from inventory to invoicing. Your whole process at a glance, with item tracking & refund management.


Monitor time and resources to manage staff capacity and project budget effortlessly.


Easily create inventory lists and warehouse receipts to track sales orders and fulfilments.


Store information on processes, assembly management and production orders to track consumption and output.

Warehouse Management

The Dynamics 365 Business Central warehouse management features will help to ensure efficiency, consistency and quality control in your warehouse.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Warehouse Management

Service Management

The Dynamic 365 Business Central solution provides features that will enhance your operational efficiency and service management.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Service Management

Sales & Marketing

The Dynamics 365 Business Central marketing and sales features will allow you to identify sales opportunities and pursue hot leads.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Sales & Marketing

Reporting & Analytics

Centralise your financial management data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions with reporting and analytics.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Reporting & Analytics

Project Management

The Dynamics 365 Business Central tool will help you to monitor your time and resources to manage staff capacity and your project budgets effortlessly.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Project Management

Order Processing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will provide you with a fully integrated order-processing feature, helping to manage both the purchase and sales orders.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Order Processing


The manufacturing feature allows you to store information on processes, monitor assembly management, and use production orders to track consumption and output.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Manufacturing 


Business Central is the new ‘NAV’

Personal Computing and Consulting - 3 friends in Copenhagen set out to create a single-user PC accounting solution to track warehouse, finance, debits and credits all in one place.
PC&C was snapped up by IBM and became known as Navigator, a multi-user solution and one of the first client/server accounting program applications.
Navigator moved outside of Copehnagen, hitting Germany, Iceland, Spain and the UK as 'Navision' and America soon after as 'Avista'.
Navision Financials
Navision was named in the Top 100 Software list by Accounting Today and subsequent improvements from Navision Financials 1.0 to 2.6 kept it in the list for 3 years running and gained the Microsoft Windows Professional logo in the year 2000.
Dynamics NAV
Navision Financials was bought out by Microsoft for $1.3billion. It was rebranded, renamed as Dynamics NAV and became part of the Microsoft Business Solutions division.
A series of major updates in the 3 years prior to 2017 saw new integrations and functionality in workflow, simplifying the system for its latest release and name change to simply, NAV.
Dynamics 365 Business Central
Deemed an 'all-in-one business management solution', Business Central was made available in its infancy to the global market in April 2018 - a native-cloud solution that delivered a modern, browser-based ERP experience.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Whilst our experience in delivering Microsoft Dynamics ERP and finance solutions spans a broad range of industries, we've developed specialist knowledge in the Fashion & Furniture arena and produced the leading PubCo solution for 365 Business Central for over 30 years.
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Reduce Costs. Improve Efficiency.

Unlock insights from across your business, saving time and money by pulling everything you need into one central hub. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central puts comprehensive insights at your fingertips.

A Scalable Solution

Build on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to create bespoke functionality. With integrations for enhanced financial planning, reporting, building workflows and more, you can revolutionise how you do business.
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Answers to your questions

What’s the difference between Dynamics NAV & Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Many industry experts use the names interchangeably as they refer to the same platform, but the software has evolved significantly. PC Plus (the original) has been revamped a number of times over the years, evolving into Microsoft Navision then Dynamics Nav and finally Business Central, each rebrand bringing with it an evolution of features and functionality in a familiar user interface.

Where do I host my Business Central solution?

You can choose which implementation suits you best. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as a SaaS platform (Microsoft Azure) or it can also be deployed in the public cloud, private cloud, hybrid host or via a traditional on premise solution.

Can MADIC dynamics manage and maintain my system?

Yes, we offer varying levels of ongoing software management and maintenance. Speak to us about what you need.

How much does business central cost?

Business Central licenses start from as little as £6 per user per month for team members, £52.80 per user per month for an Essentials package and £75 per user per month for Premium. Full solutions incur management, maintenance and installation costs depending on requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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