New Partnership: MADIC dynamics & TRIMIT

New Partnership: MADIC dynamics & TRIMIT

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with Danish Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions specialists, TRIMIT.

This exciting partnership enables MADIC dnamics to provide our customers with TRIMIT’s industry-leading ERP and e-commerce solutions for those in the fashion, furniture and configuration industries. The industry-specific solutions work in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to ease administrative burdens and optimise processes across everything from product management, including variant management, to supply chain and manufacturing. Not only that, but the purpose-built solutions offer invaluable business insights to companies using TRIMIT, helping to reduce time and cost across critical operations.

Who are TRIMIT?

Since being founded in 1990, TRIMIT have enjoyed great success with their trio of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions: TRIMIT Fashion, TRIMIT Furniture and TRIMIT Configuration. They remain at the forefront of their market niches and are well respected for their functional development, helping users to be more efficient and enjoy streamlined workflows that add real value. TRIMIT are very selective about the companies they choose to partner with, and so we are honoured to become one of the few UK partners who can sell, implement and support their solutions.

What does this mean for Ocean Dynamics?

Tim Green, Commercial & Business Unit Director at MADIC dynamics said: “This is a very exciting partnership for us. We are really looking forward to taking TRIMIT’s solution to market. The trends we see emerging in the sectors tell us this will be a great solution for fashion, furniture and configuration industries who are increasingly seeking to simplify variant management, workflows and improve supply chain interactions.”

To find out more about TRIMIT and their solutions, speak to a member of our team.

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