A Business Management Solution 100% Built For Hospitality

A Business Management Solution 100% Built For Hospitality

Traditionally, hospitality businesses have relied on applications to help run their businesses that have never quite measured up to their needs.  The world of hospitality is a dynamic and fast-moving place, and one which demands that financial and operational data is collected and shared not just within the business but increasingly with influential third-parties like suppliers and franchisees.  It’s closely linked to the way property assets are now managed – which are often a blend of brand owned, leased or franchised.  Without systems ready to tackle these intricacies hospitality businesses cannot obtain an accurate grasp on financial, and operational health.

That’s why Ocean Dynamics has developed Estate Management.  Built on legendary ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we’ve created a software application that enables Pubcos, brewers, hotel chains and restaurants to harness powerful software to more sensibly run your business. A modular solution, it offers a means to start small and grow into a host of capabilities that will help transform how you manage your property estate, create smarter supply chains and ultimately maximise revenues and margins.

Already in use by several notable hospitality businesses including Young & Co’s who chose the solution after encountering limitations in their existing systems as their business model changed. 

“We needed a solution that would unify all of our business processes; to give us greater visibility across the business, to save staff time and minimise error. The priority for us was to minimise disruption to our business, whilst introducing a much more sophisticated business management solution. We now have all our business processes running on the same uniform platform which will make life so much easier for our staff, and the operation of the business. The Ocean Dynamics team did a brilliant job; there was no downtime whatsoever and the integration of the new system was seamless.”

Keith Wilson, Chief Accountant at Young & Co.’s

Ocean Dynamics Estate Management is quickly and easily deployed and brings a host of welcomed industry-specific functionality including advanced business analytics, rent and contract management, repairs and maintenance, asset control and front-of-house EPOS integration.

The result is a truly integrated business management solution for your entire business, that offers valuable intelligence at both a macro and micro level.  Naturally, armed with this new wealth of insight you’ll be informed to make faster, smarter decisions that can only be good for your business.

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If you’re interested in seeing Ocean Dynamics Estate Management for yourself, simply get in touch with the team who are ready to demonstrate the solution for real.

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