6 Reasons Your Users Will Love Jet Reports

6 Reasons Your Users Will Love Jet Reports

If you’re unfamiliar with Jet Reports for Dynamics NAV then you need to take a look. For a very modest investment, it provides powerful, easy-to-use financial and operational reporting. While Dynamics NAV includes exceptional reporting capabilities, getting this just how your users need it takes time and effort. On the other hand, Jet Reports is ready with many commonly used reports on day one, available straight out-of-the-box. But this is just the start, here’s why else you’ll users will thank you for it:

1. It uses a common user interface

Your users know Excel and already have the skills to use it. Jet Reports provides access to everything in your Dynamics NAV environment through the comfort of an Excel spreadsheet. Literally every item of data is accessible including dimensions, flowfields, optional modules and even customisations.

2. They’ll eliminate reporting errors

Because Jet Reports works with live data the chances of creating reporting errors become a thing of the past. No more exporting data and manipulating it outside of the system, live data means actionable information.

3. Access to their reports anywhere

All Jet Reports can be published to a web-based portal. It means reports can be viewed through a browser and experienced on any device. Run, schedule, edit and view reports from anywhere.

4. Drill into the data that sits behind the report

While your reports offer top level insight, Jet Reports also offers the means to drill down into the detail behind the numbers. This means users can interrogate transaction level data all through the same familiar interface.

5. Automation of routine tasks

Routine tasks to collate data and produce many reports can now be automated. This frees up resources and means staff can focus on higher priorities.

6. 20+ templates ready-to-go

Jet Reports comes complete with more than 20 reports ready to use including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheets and Commission Reports. These can be quickly modified to your needs, or staff can user powerful custom capabilities to create reports, financial statements, dashboards and more.

Importantly, Jet Reports can be installed and operational in just a couple of days. We could go on, but the best thing to do is see it in action.

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