5 Reasons Your Warehouse Needs Tasklet

5 Reasons Your Warehouse Needs Tasklet

Operating huge amounts of stock inventory is a pretty hefty job and is a good reason why many organisations chose to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV to help. However, with so much going on inside your warehouse, the out-of-the-box functionality of NAV may not be cutting it for your needs. It’s easy to fall into the trap of struggling on with what you have or installing individual software solutions for each type of task taking place in your warehouse, resulting in systems that break away from your core ERP. Thankfully, Tasklet lets you leave your worries on the shelf with smart yet simple technology that helps to manage and organise every part of the operational process. Integrated directly into your Microsoft Dynamics NAV, this add-on software is easy to install and doesn’t require extensive staff training to help you optimise the process of warehouse management.

Controlling your assets

Arguably one of the most important tasks for an asset-based business, is to be able to easily manage and control your stock. Tasklet’s mobile Warehouse Management Software (WMS) app takes away the complexities of manual stock management. From the moment an item is delivered to your warehouse, the WMS app scans and automatically uploads all the product information directly into your NAV system, meaning no more manual inputting errors and an overarching record of all your stock, making the ordering process easy.

Keeping an accurate record of inventory

In any warehouse environment, keeping track of your stock is essential and any missing or misplaced items can take a lot of manpower to correct. Tasklet makes it easy to avoid item tracking errors with a simple and efficient navigation feature that guides users to the correct shelf location in the shortest possible route. The item information is then sent straight to your NAV software, so that other staff can easily locate the items.

Managing your warehouse logistics

If you’re still manually operating your warehouse using outdated software, you’re probably falling foul of errors resulting from manual data entry as well as missing out on the possibilities of powerful data analytics included in NAV that could transform your business. NAV provides a unified and reliable destination for all your warehouse logistics, fuelling it with rich data from Tasklet gives you a universal view of your entire operation and will reveal greater insights into your processes to better guide your decision-making.

Efficient scanning

The act of juggling boxes and handheld scanners isn’t uncommon in a warehouse environment but can create a potential hazard for your staff as well as making simple tasks take much longer. Tasklet takes the problem right out of your hands (literally), with the option of hands-free scanning solutions. These ‘handy’ innovations are secured around your fingers, giving you the flexibility to naturally handle items, whilst the scanned information is automatically synced to your Mobile Tasklet WMS app and directly into your NAV system. However, if you prefer the use of handheld scanners, Tasklet also tackles the problem of long treks across the warehouse with innovative long-distance scanning capabilities.

An ERP system built for every warehouse size

Warehouses come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common, warehouse management systems are a must. Even small warehouses can benefit from ERP systems, from saving money by going paperless to creating less errors and inaccuracies, introducing Microsoft Dynamics NAV alongside Tasklet helps improve your overall customer experience and takes a load off your shoulders concerning a critical part of your business.

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