4 Signs You're Not Getting Enough Out Of NAV

4 Signs You're Not Getting Enough Out Of NAV

A bad Dynamics NAV experience is like a bad coffee. You need it to ensure that your core bodily functions are working as they should, but when you go for a sip you’re left with a bitter taste in your mouth. Throughout the rest of the day you feel run-down whilst you hopelessly try to manage the tasks at hand. We hate to break it to you, but that terrible barista behind your coffee could be your NAV partner.

Your NAV partner is the one who should guide you and be there to ensure that you’re always getting the most out of your NAV. But if they are (or your NAV is) showing these vital warning signs, then you may want to get out the sweetener and start rethinking your partnership with them.

Are you still using excel spreadsheets?

We all have a love-hate relationship with Excel spreadsheets. Sometimes they’re incredibly useful, other times they’re just frustrating, time-consuming and obstructive.

But, if you’re still using Excel spreadsheets to do your financial reporting, then your partner isn’t letting you experience the powerful tools that are available to overcome this challenge. In fact, by separating the financial logistics of your business from your critical business software, they’re not only creating more work for you, but manual reporting also runs the significant risk of errors going unnoticed. That’s where your NAV partner should step in and at least reveal the alternatives.

We understand the frustrations of manual reporting and whilst NAV has powerful reporting capabilities built-in, we partner with many add-on software providers such as Jet Reports or Continia, in case you need additional options. Integrated directly into your NAV, these tools can help boost efficiency and accuracy without radically changing how you work.

You and your partner have a long-distance relationship

Long distance relationships are hard at the best of times, but when your NAV is running the most critical system for your business, how can you be assured that you’re getting the most out of your NAV if you’re not meeting regularly with your partner? Staying in touch and regular face-to-face meetings are essential to keeping you in-the-know about the latest changes to your critical business software. Whether that’s MTD, Business Central or introducing you to new tools, there’s always something occurring in the world of NAV that could impact or benefit your business.

You’re all too familiar with NAV bottlenecks and wait times

If your IT team is inundated with complaints of slow performance, this is a big red flag. Your partner should be regularly reviewing a host of factors to ensure that your NAV performance is fully optimised and not causing you any latency. From software updates, to host server infrastructure, even data potentially bloating the size of your system, there’s a multitude of factors that need to be regularly checked for your NAV to fully play its part as a tool that supports your business.

You end up teaching yourself

Training is also an essential step to ensuring that you fully understand your NAV software and don’t spend hours googling what your partner could teach you in a matter of minutes. We’ll take away the confusion and train you how to do tasks in 3 steps rather than 20, but if something is out of your depth, we’re always happy to help you with our dedicated support team.

Your NAV partner should be the one who brings you the best of NAV, but if they’re keeping you from getting the most out of your software or some of the issues we've raised are all too common, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a perfect brew. When there’s so much more to NAV than meets the eye, you need to be shown the way to greater business outcomes. Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve this.

Because in a world of instant coffee, you deserve a Cappuccino.

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