10 Ways LS Retail Can Improve Your Hospitality Business

10 Ways LS Retail Can Improve Your Hospitality Business

LS Retail’s suite of Hospitality software enables you to have one singular tool to replace all the others you’re using to run your business, so that you can do away with disparate tools and enjoy a comprehensive and consolidated means of control and visibility over your business.  Totally integrating into Dynamics 365 Business Central (or Classic NAV), it runs all the critical processes that otherwise take up valuable time and human resources; plan staff rotas, automate ingredient replenishment and monitor profit projections with one intuitive system.  It is game-changing for businesses operating in the hospitality sector and having just been selected by LS Retail to become one of a select group of UK partners, Ocean Dynamics is really excited by the possibilities it presents for our hospitality customers.

So here’s 10 more ways LS Retail can help you make your hospitality business better than ever:

1. Plan better and faster

Never feel unprepared again, as LS Retail Hospitality arms you to go up against the busiest of services.

Intuitive planning systems consider any number of external factors when planning stock and staffing levels.  Automatically schedule to have more staff on hand when a food delivery is due to arrive, or even when the weather is forecasted to increase footfall.

2. Intuitive systems you can rely on

LS Retail systems have both online and offline functionality, so if you experience connectivity issues, you can rest assured that service will continue to run smoothly.  Any orders or transactions completed in offline mode are stored on the system to be easily recovered when you reconnect.

By having one central, easy-to-use system, you cut back your dependency on technical support in the event of an issue, as there’s only one tool to troubleshoot.  Likewise, no longer worry about delays triaging troublesome systems - instant technical support is included with every LS Retail solution.  

3. Cut out miscommunication

Good communication between front of house, the kitchen and your back office is essential for maintaining the pace in every hospitality business.

Iron out any possible confusions with a system that keeps everyone informed and links your Point of Sale (POS) to your kitchen and your management team.  Set your system up so that when an order is placed at the POS, it’s automatically sent to the relevant people.  Send drinks orders straight to the bar, meat dishes to the grill station, or dessert orders direct to the pastry kitchen.  Orders can either automatically print or show in real-time on a Kitchen Display Screen (KDS).

Preload the production time for every one of your dishes into the system, so that your KDS can tell you when to whip up each dish to ensure no food is left waiting at the pass while you finish off the rest of the table’s order.

4. Make staff lives easier

By syncing up your kitchen with your POS, front of house staff can see when an order is in progress, allowing them to manage customer expectations without having to chase the chefs for information.

Automating processes such as staff performance analysis, rota management, profit breakdowns and dish pricing, your management staff can spend more time supporting their team and enhancing their working relationship.

More than ever, employees are demanding job satisfaction.  Providing them with the right tools to do their best work will boost staff morale, and in turn increase staff retention.  An intuitive user interface cuts down on training time, meaning your new employees can be earning you money in no time.  

5. Happy staff means happy customers

Greeting your customers with a smile is the best way to make a great first impression, whether it is a first-time customer, or one of your regulars.  Protecting your staff from system frustrations means that they can focus solely on providing the best customer service.

6. Modern service

Research shows that the modern diner will review your menu offerings online before stepping foot through your door.  

Dine-out customers can also take advantage of website and mobile app integration.  Give customers the freedom to place orders from anywhere they wish, and receive these instantly at your POS.  Log your location on your app and allow customers to generate in-app directions from their current location direct to your door.

7. Cater to every individual

More and more hospitality businesses are coming under scrutiny with regards to what goes into their dishes.  Log your ingredients and their individual quantities within each dish, so that your front of house staff can instantly provide allergen advice to customers that need it.  Mobile POS devices equip servers to instantly answer any customer questions, or accurately record any dish modification or dietary requirement, without leaving the customer’s side.

8. Keep ‘em coming back

Happy customers tend to become repeat customers.  LS Retail Hospitality’s Loyalty Card capability allows you to reward your regulars.  Tailor promotional offers to specific customer groupings and accept their loyalty points as a payment method via your POS.

9. Reduce waste

Customers will be automatically attracted to establishments whose beliefs and ethics are aligned with their own.  Modern consumer habits are driving every industry to look inwards and assess their sustainability credentials, and the hospitality industry is no different.

LS Retail Hospitality’s menu planning and footfall forecasting capabilities allow your business to better manage food waste.  Predict ingredient requirements and track current stock levels so that your fridge space isn’t taken up with surplus stock.  You can even assess if a particular member of staff is more wasteful of ingredients than others, so your management team can instigate training.

10. Report back accurately and efficiently

The reporting capabilities within LS Retail Hospitality are extensive and invaluable.  Keep track of any aspect of your hospitality business with ease and speed: monitor staffing levels, track customer satisfaction, and analyse the sales performance of individual staff members. 

Detailed and reliable reporting enables your management team to make accurately informed decisions about where to take your business next.

The benefits don’t end there!

LS Retail Hospitality is perfect for any pub, café, restaurant or customer-serving establishment, regardless of whether you have just one location or are part of a large chain.

To find out more, arrange your private 1-2-1 product demo.

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