Reporting & BI

What is Reporting & BI? 

BI (business intelligence) reporting is the process of gathering data by utilising different tools to extract relevant insights of the company's activity. Ultimately, it provides suggestions and observations about business trends which will encourage those with power to make smart business decisions.

Reporting & BI for furniture businesses

TRIMIT Furniture offers a number of statistics and monitoring tools that make it possible to easily keep on top of important economic indicators from within your furniture company.

As a flexible business solution, you are able to extract information on any given department whenever you need it. For example, you can pull an overview of the revenue performance in the latest quarter from the core ERP system. 

TRIMIT Furniture and Business Central

TRIMIT Furniture integrates seamlessly into your Business Central solution to make it easier to manage all aspects of business intelligence. The default tools in the solution are designed to make the whole experience of generating reports quick and efficient.

You can even complement your TRIMIT Furniture solution with reporting and business intelligence (BI) tools like Jet Reports or TARGIT Decision Suite for TRIMIT.

Our clients have used this solution to develop a more strategic approach to their business decisions, gathering insights that would have otherwise remained overlooked, consequently making their reporting and BI less of a chore. 

You get far with the default tools in the solution. The integration between TRIMIT Furniture and Microsoft Office makes it easy to send information back and forth between for example TRIMIT Furniture and Microsoft Excel.

Key Benefits

  • Standard reports included
  • Advanced sales statistics
  • Built-in report generator
  • KPIs & Business Performance in the InSite Portal
  • Integration to MS Excel
  • Integration to BI tools
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Make intelligent business decisions.