Purchase Management

The power of purchase in furniture

Using TRIMIT Furniture to assist with purchasing for your furniture business helps to streamline the process of getting the supplies your company needs to run any day-to-day operations. 

This provides numerous benefits for your company - it protects your supply chain, makes your business more agile, and reduces the time and energy needed to get goods or services to your customers.

Meeting demand for furniture products

It is common in the furniture industry for backorders and partial deliveries to be a part of everyday life, and it’s often annoying not only for the purchasers, but for the rest of the company too. Businesses also have to focus on minimising or completely avoiding stock of raw materials and components. 

There are extremely high demands within furniture companies for the optimisation of purchase processes. Any changes in the material requirements need to be available for purchase as early as possible.

Solve purchasing challenges in your furniture business

TRIMIT Furniture helps to solve your purchasing challenges, whether it be buying stock, or buying directly for works in progress. Based on tenders, the TRIMIT Furniture solution calculates your needs and gathers your purchases across different sales orders.

It is a particularly useful and flexible tool for facilitating the recording and processing of partial deliveries and backorders, a job that, without TRIMIT’s solution is tedious and time consuming. 

Besides the main TRIMIT furniture solution, TRIMIT offer a Supplier Portal. This helps manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors communicate directly with their suppliers for materials or orders.

Key Benefits

  • Complete supplier directory
  • Obtaining deals and offers
  • Automatic shopping suggestions based on offers / sales or production
  • Registration / scanning of purchase invoices
  • Web-based supplier portal for shopping and communication
  • EDI
  • Statistics and supplier metrics
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