Product Configurator

Manage complex, variant-based products

When working with the production of customisable or configurable products, giving fast and clear answers about price, delivery schedules, availability etc. can be difficult.

Creating and handling the BOM (Bill of Material) is often very comprehensive and time consuming. Furthermore, if the BOM is not correct, detailed and updated, it will inevitably result in numerous errors in both material consumption and cost calculation.

Flexible Configurator

In TRIMIT Furniture, the BOM creation is controlled by a "Formula Calculator" which uses logical expressions for calculating, routing, material and time consumption, etc. This tool enables you to set up all the necessary conditions in order to control what can and cannot be configured.

This way, your salespersons can only configure what you allow them to, which minimises errors, and by using the configuration all relevant specifications for both purchase and production are generated automatically. This moreover, reduces the bottlenecks that often occur when handling special orders and gives you a very quick turnaround on orders.

Product configuration with TRIMIT furniture

We’re specialists in delivering TRIMIT’s furniture ERP solution to provide our clients with an integrated product configuration solution that will help to ensure you have a good overview of your production data. 

TRIMIT Furniture minimises the risk of errors, reducing the number of collection samples and helps to ensure production and quality along the way. Everyone in your organisation has access to the same information at the same time, regardless of their technological platform. 

Our partnership with TRIMIT has enabled all of our clients to experience and utilise a stress-free product configuration solution that handles everything from delivery and drop schedules, to production manuals and care instructions. 

Key Benefits

  • Configuration in Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Configuration in the B2B Webshop, and Sales Agent Portal
  • Simple management of complex item configuration
  • Automatic creation of items
  • Calculation of weight, volume, material consumption etc.
  • Routing based on variants/qualities
  • Standard costing including materials, time, machine, and IPO
  • Unlimited variants
  • Handling of variants and dimensions throughout the entire solution
  • Variant outcomes dependent on customer, country or basic item data
  • Control of individual item qualities in the order stage
  • Definition of relations between variants
  • Calculation of price and discount based on variants
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