Omni-channel Sales

Omni-channel sales in fashion and apparel

Having an omni-channel sales approach means having a multichannel sales technique that seeks to provide customers with a seamless experience. For fashion and apparel businesses, this is crucial for turning a prospective customer into an active and returning customer, increasing their lifetime value.

Meeting customer expectations

Your customers in the fashion industry are always evolving with new technologies and trends, and they expect the same from the companies and brands that they buy from. 

You could have the most beautiful product imagery of your clothing, footwear and accessories, but without the ability to sell them easily across multiple platforms, you’re going to hinder your success. 

There is constant pressure and high demand for new products, with the expectation of visibility across all physical and online platforms, including a strong social media presence. 

Streamline sales processes across platforms

We specialise in integrating TRIMIT’s fashion solution that allows your team to have a full overview of current and future products, bestsellers, delivery times, and prices. TRIMIT Fashion supports all operations from vendors, agents or directly from the stores themselves.

Integrated Web Shops and Portals

TRIMIT Fashion offers the option to add TRIMIT Webshops and Portals (B2C, B2B, Sales Agent Portal, and InStore).

Each of these portals support your brand image, giving you a great way to sell and manage the products you already have within TRIMIT Fashion.

The consistency from design to shop in the same business software solution is unparalleled.

Key Benefits

  • Entering orders via matrix
  • Overview of available quantity in stock
  • Sale of assortments / boxes
  • Order types with different settings and rights
  • Web-based Sales Agent Portal for order entry and customer data
  • B2B Webshop - online shopping solution for suppliers and partners
  • B2C Webshop - online shopping solution for consumers
  • Web-based InStore solution for brick and mortar stores
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