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An Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management

Keeping your warehouse running smoothly plays a key part in ensuring your business meets its productivity goals and targets. The Dynamics 365 Business Central warehouse management features will help to ensure efficiency, consistency and quality control. 

The feature will enable you to easily create inventory lists and warehouse receipts to track sales orders and fulfilments. 

Features of the warehouse management system

  • Automated Data-Capture
  • Consignment Management
  • Courier Systems Integration
  • Cycle Counting
  • eCommerce Integration
  • EDI
  • Inventory Optimisation
  • Multiple Locations
  • Serial Number and Batch Tracking
  • Stock-Unit Management

Warehouse management helps to collate organisational information and connect the processes and workflows. This allows for more accurate inventory management to occur because it is based on real-time data collection. 

By improving all of the existing processes and automating them it will provide your managers with a clearer picture of the businesses performance - looking at margins, profitability and areas for improvement. Not only this but it also has room for flexibility in the functionality of the feature, allowing businesses to amend individual processes to align with the growth of the business.

There are two ways that the Dynamics 365 Business Central can control the warehouse management; simply, or sophisticated. 

A simple warehouse management structure would be where the stock is in the warehouse and the solution simply just manages the quantity of goods by item. PO’s are booked and items are transferred to other locations, then sales orders are marked as shipped to the customers. 

For a more sophisticated warehouse management system staff would use handheld scanners to receive PO’s, the scanner will provide them with ‘put away’ instructions where the location in the warehouse for the goods will be specified based on bin capacity and pick up zones. Pick runs (generated by the shipping agent), type of order, and other criteria are used to enable efficient picking routes and shipment confirmation to be recorded at packing benches.

Enhancing your warehouse management

  • Improve organisation in the warehouse - Set up bins and zones in Business Central solution to reflect the layout of your warehouse, including its racks and shelves.
  • Streamline the inventory storage and capacity - Use a template to determine the best placement of items based on type, size, and bin capacity.
  • Enable cross docking - Make the most of your space and optimise the picking process. Speed up shipments and reduce issues by enabling cross-docking.
  • Keep your customers informed - Use real-time data on every item’s zone, bin, and quantity to successfully and quickly fulfil your customers’ orders.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures your business meets its productivity goals 
  • Provides a clear picture of the business performance
  • Increased accuracy in inventory management thanks to real-time data collection
  • Improves organisation in your warehouses
  • Keeps customers satisfied with quick fulfilment of orders
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