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An Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service Management

Service management is an extremely important part of any company, it is how you build and maintain your client-customer relationships. Implementing a system that helps service management run smoothly is only going to produce positive results for your business.

The Dynamic 365 Business Central solution provides features that will enhance your operational efficiency, whether it be contract management, warranties, SLA’s, or mobile service management. All of which will help to ensure your customers stay loyal to your business. 

The service management feature

Within the feature there are several tools that businesses can use for better service management: 

  • Schedule service calls and set up service orders
  • Track repair parts and supplies
  • Assign service personnel based on skill and availability
  • Provide service estimates and service invoices
  • Standardise coding 
  • Set up contracts
  • Implement a discounting policy
  • Create route maps for service employees
  • Price management
  • Extend sales invoicing (include recurring invoicing and service orders)
  • Management of loan items and replacements with contracted periodic billing
  • Integrated call-logging function to log, track and close service calls
  • Price management

It is essential to provide quality ongoing service for your customers, customer satisfaction and loyalty can play a huge role in providing revenue. As business owners you will know that managing and tracking your service is not always easy, the Dynamic 365 Business Central will be able to help make the whole process easier, providing a set of tools to help. 

Many of the features can support repair shop and field service operations, often used in different business environments; ones with complex customer service distribution systems, and industrial service environments with bills of materials, numerous service technicians with the requirement of management. 

Generally there are two aspects of service management; firstly configuring and setting up your system, and secondly using it for pricing, contracts, orders, service personnel dispatch, and job scheduler.

Key Benefits

  • Increases likelihood of customer loyalty 
  • Suitable for complex customer service distribution systems 
  • Real-time stock and order information ensures the right information is relayed to customers
  • Streamlines the process of service management to maintain customer satisfaction
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