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An Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Management

Having a productive and well executed project management plan is important to ensure there is leadership and direction in a project. 

The Dynamics 365 Business Central tool will help you to monitor your time and resources to manage staff capacity and your project budgets effortlessly.

It is a fantastic tool to track, manage and report on both your simple and complex projects. From both a project and financial perspective the feature allows you to manage, allocate and control the resources you have at your disposal.

Resource & Project Management functionality

  • Resource Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Cost and Price Management
  • Job Lifecycle Management (Opportunity to Completion)
  • Timesheet and Expense Recording
  • Cost and Work Breakdown
  • Budgeting

The most commonly used feature of this part of Dynamics 365 Business Central is the ability to input time and expense bills, as well as the automatic approval and generation of invoices to your customers. 

Within this feature there is an integration with the purchase ledger - enabling users to create sales invoices where relevant other costs for a project have occurred. These costs and revenues can be processed by the user for release to the general ledger, in addition to the costs calculated from the WIP.

The system is expertly designed to manage and control costs and billing in your projects, with the ability to manage specific stock issues to each job and logging the time taken on each project. 

Using Dynamics 365 Business Central for managing projects

Improve accuracy on project costs and accounting

By managing your projects using real-time timesheets and advanced job costing and reporting you will inevitably improve project costs and the accuracy in the accounting. The software allows you to develop and modify detailed budgets to help ensure the project is profitable.

Optimise resources for planning

Manage how resources will be utilised by planning in advance for capacity and sales. Use the software to track customer invoicing against planned or actual costs on all orders and quotes.

Increase profitability with real-time project insights

Using the features available you can obtain real-time business intelligence on several projects. The tools will help you to monitor status, profitability, and resource utilisation metrics.

Key Benefits

  • Projects are delivered on time 
  • Manage resource levels by planning capacity and sales numbers
  • Real-time insights on projects status
  • Increased profitability with accurate project timings 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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