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An Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Order Processing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will provide you with a fully integrated order-processing feature, helping to manage both the purchase and sales orders. 

This feature provides complete control for your business over the order process and lifecycle. The functionality of order processing links all the way across the system, providing complete visibility from start to finish for the business.

Functionality is paramount, this software is built with numerous quality and functional features that will only enhance your business processes.

Dynamics 365 Order Processing tools

Sales Order Processing and Purchasing tools available within the software:

  • Alert Management
  • Catalogues
  • Credit Control
  • Consignment Management
  • Document Format Management
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Mobile Sales
  • Order Promising
  • PO Budget Control
  • Price/Discount Management
  • Quote-to-Invoice Management
  • Requisitions-to-Invoice Management
  • Retrospective Discount
  • Returns Management 
  • Returns Order Management
  • Vendor Management

How will Dynamics 365 Order Processing tools help your business?

Automate and optimise fulfilment

Using rule-based fulfillment coherence, along with real-time inventory and several aspects of AI, you will be able to optimise order flows with effective exception handling.

Speeds up order processes

By using pre-built integrated connectors to enterprise resource planning (ERP), order intake, fulfillment, and your delivery partners you will be able to take a handle on order management, with the efficiency and accuracy of orders not having to be sacrificed.

Real-time updates on order lifecycle

The feature allows you to work with customisable integrated dashboards that provide real-time insights into every order that passes through the business. This ensures any order issues or enquiries are flagged and dealt with in real-time, avoiding any customer dissatisfaction.

Provide exceptional customer experiences

Work with the tools in the software to increase customer satisfaction by providing greater flexibility, improved transparency, and on-time delivery every time.

Quickly adapt to changing business models

You are able to easily template and automate responses to fulfillment constraints using the embedded ‘drag-and-drop’ policy feature to configure order flows.

Versatile features for a sophisticated and a simplified business model

The features of Purchase to Pay and Sales to Cash are two processes in the business central that are widely used across all industries. The software accommodates all businesses no matter their business goals, and they are constantly evolving and being upgraded to keep up with the ever-changing technologies. 

Key Benefits

  • Integrated features help to manage purchase and sales orders
  • Provides complete visibility for all processes throughout the business
  • Focus on functionality, ease of use for all employees
  • Real-time data tracking ensures all enquiries or issues are flagged and resolved straight away
  • Automated features increase productivity and speed up workflow
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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