Inventory & Logistics

Inventory management for fashion businesses

In the world of fashion inventory is a businesses’ most value asset. With apparel, footwear, accessories and more in a variety of sizes and colour combinations, inventory has a central role in keeping the business going. 

Managing inventory and logistics well is a complex task, and understanding its importance in your business is something not to be taken lightly. When managed properly, it is something that can help your apparel business become more profitable, and helps to deliver more for your customers. 

Declutter your apparel inventory

Viewing inventory can become a minefield! You start with your colour variations - blue, purple, red, green, and every single shade you could imagine. Then there's short or long, petite or curve, and maternity. Not to mention individual sizes within each of those categories!

You’re sure to have the modern consumer's demand for all variations and choices on your shelves. 

One of the biggest challenges for companies today is to keep track of the never ending number of colours, sizes, styles, and materials. This is where TRIMIT solution - inventory for fashion and apparel - comes in to help. 

This logistics functionality of the fashion solution gives you a quick overview of your inventory and logistics with a tailor-made solution that meets your needs, also helping to monitor the places where you do processes differently than others.

Make time for other areas of the business

Inventory and logistics can be a very time consuming process. By seamlessly integrating TRIMIT’s fashion solution with your Business Central ERP, we can help you to keep track of everything from inventory and disposals to the number of products available in all colours, sizes, and styles. 

Making full use of the solution and it’s capabilities helps to complete the process of inventory quickly and efficiently, leaving extra time to spend on other areas of your fashion and apparel business.

Key Benefits

  • Registration of arrivals
  • Add in stock
  • Picking Lists
  • Multiple locations / bins
  • Management of consignment stock
  • Web-based supplier portal with updates of delivery dates, delivery number and Communications
  • Distribution of goods received for orders and customers
  • Billing with shipping
  • Overview of content in incoming and outgoing containers
  • Optional integration with external warehouses, customs warehouses, handheld scanners, etc.
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