Finance & Accounting

Finance and accounting for furniture businesses

Whether you have a growing furniture enterprise or a well established furniture business, your financial data will become more and more complex the longer you run the business for. 

To ensure that accounts are done correctly, your business needs a scalable accounting solution to adapt to complex financial data - TRIMIT Furniture has this covered for you.

Financial visibility across your furniture entreprise

TRIMIT Furniture automatically brings every member of staff into the same system, providing easier access to relevant information that is always up to date in real time. 

Planning, management of your company's financial resources, accounting, budgeting, risk management, purchasing, analysis and reporting are all standard tools in Dynamics NAV and TRIMIT.

Financial management with TRIMIT furniture

With TRIMIT furniture, the finance and accounting aspect of their solution has a role center, which can be customised to your requirements. You can get all the relevant data presented directly in your personal role center, for example selected KPIs, cash flow diagrams, etc. You get a fast overview of any deviations, and you can dive right into the numbers directly from the Role Center.

TRIMIT furniture’s financial functionality includes a role center - this is essentially a landing page that can be personalised to the needs of a specific role in an organisation. Depending on your role in the finance department, the role center provides you with an overview of the business, your department, and your personal tasks.

Key Benefits

  • Invoicing on truck loading
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Advanced facilities concerning standard cost prices
  • Service charges
  • Provision from purchase and sale (charges, freight, commission)
  • Intercompany (automation of trade between subsidiaries)
  • Printouts of freight and export documents
  • Invoicing via paper, EDI, fax and mail
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