CRM & Claims

The importance of a CRM for your fashion business

A good CRM strategy can encourage repeat orders, and increased profits for your business, by building better relationships between stores and wholesalers. Loyalty and retention are two qualities that largely affect a company’s revenue, so it is not an area of your business that you want to fall behind on!

After-sales service in fashion and apparel 

Good service is important to get the order - but good after-sales service is the key to keep getting more orders. All your information is already in TRIMIT Fashion, so you can use the system as a foundation to serve your customers - whether it is to announce an expected delivery time or to handle a failed delivery.

TRIMIT Fashion gives you a constant and accurate overview of where the customer's order is and when the customer can expect delivery, with built-in functionality to handle returns and ensure timely response to this towards the customer.

CRM and claims with TRIMIT Fashion

Implementing TRIMIT Fashion will be hugely beneficial for analysing customer behaviour and identifying where processes within the business are going wrong. 

The solution stores information about the causes and explanations for the return of an item which can be used for statistics, supplier follow-up, etc. Having this information all on one database is extremely useful for other departments to access follow up email trails with the customer to resolve their issues or queries.

Key Benefits

  • Returns and claims handling
  • Registration of causes and solution
  • Statistics on returns and claims
  • Queries
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Deliveries
  • Web-based B2B Webshop for inquiries
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